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Warranty and Customer Service

Please enter information below in regards to your warranty concern and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Service & Warranty

Phone: 204-807-1736
Email: Service@manakhomes.com

We offer our coverage through Progressive Home Warranty Program. For a period of one year, labour and materials (such as baseboards, flooring, and fixtures) defects are covered. Heating, electrical, and plumbing distribution systems are covered for two years. The building envelope, or the system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior, (e.g. roof and exterior walls) are covered for five years. Structural aspects, like frame and foundation, are covered for ten years.

WHAT IS NEW HOME WARRANTY?  Home warranty is meant to cover defects, which typically means items that fail once you are in your home. It is very important that you understand your warranty early, before you need it. We recommend that you take the time to read your specific warranty policy in full to understand what is covered, understand what limitations and exclusions there are, and become familiar with your policies expiry dates. Home warranty is unique in the fact it has different coverages expiring at different times depending on when you take possession of your home.

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